Backup Script and cloud integration

Here's the basic sanitized version. It works and I'm happy with it for the moment. But I'm going to throw in some wait commands and break up the encrypted cloud upload into multiple segments, eventually. Otherwise, it spikes the disk i/o like no tomorrow. Doesn't break anything, but it trips off my automated warnings.

The required programs (besides tar) is gzip, openssl, ruby and s3sync. The following commands work on CentOS:

I'm not going to cover s3sync install, but you'll need an S3 account and you can find good guides here and here.

# To use this, you'll need tar, bzip2, openssl and s3sync
# Written by RevDisk
# ALv2 - See

DATE=`date +%a`
DAY=`date +%d-%b-%Y`
SERVER=`uname -n`

echo "Starting backup for $SERVER..."

rm -rf /root/$DIR/$DATE
mkdir -p /root/$DIR/$DATE

# System Files Backup

echo "Backing up /etc to $SERVER-etc.tar.gz"
tar -czPf /root/$DIR/$DATE/$SERVER-etc.tar.gz /etc

echo "Backing up /home to $SERVER-home.tar.gz"
tar -czPf /root/$DIR/$DATE/$SERVER-home.tar.gz /home

echo "Backing up /var/log to $SERVER-logs.tar.gz"
tar -czPf /root/$DIR/$DATE/$SERVER-logs.tar.gz /var/log

echo "Backing up /var/www to $SERVER-www.tar.gz"
tar -czPf /root/$DIR/$DATE/$SERVER-www.tar.gz /var/www

echo "Backing up all SQL databases to alldatabases.sql in /var/lib/mysql"
mysqldump -u root -pSQLPASSWORDHERE --all-databases > /var/lib/mysql/alldatabases.sql

echo "Backing up $SERVER MySQL files/databases to $SERVER-mysql.tar.gz"
tar -czPf /root/$DIR/$DATE/$SERVER-mysql.tar.gz /var/lib/mysql

# Cloud Upload

if [ $DATE = "Mon" ]

echo "Preparing package for the Cloud."
tar -czPf /root/serverbackup/upload/$DAY-backup.tar.gz /root/serverbackup/Mon

echo "Encrypting cloud package"
openssl aes-256-ecb -k CRYPTOPASSWORDHERE -in /root/serverbackup/upload/$DAY-backup.tar.gz -out /root/serverbackup/upload/$DAY.aes256
rm -rf /root/serverbackup/upload/$DAY-backup.tar.gz

echo "Launching to the S3 Cloud."
ruby /root/s3sync/s3sync.rb -v -s --delete /root/serverbackup/upload/ revdisk:/backup
echo "Done."

echo "No cloud missions. Done."


This is my first experiment with cloud computing. Honestly, I've always been distrusting of "Software as a Service". In general it's leasing software and comes with a host of issues starting with cost and going up in importance from there. Amazon's pricing model isn't that bad. They offer a year of a free tier, which I'm not likely to exceed. After the free version expires, I'll likely keep my account. I'm happy to pay roughly $0.06 per backup, and I can stretch that out with compression and incremental backups. You can email me at revdisk at this domain.